Fumi was established with the desire to create unique and spellbinding items from wood, the warmest and most magical building material. All our products are handmade and we are looking always harmonic and complete solutions.


Meet Our Team


Mirko Jõulu

A persistent and strenuous person who dreams, is always on the lookout for opportunities and
solutions, and carries out his ideas.

Siim Treumuth

Precise and sharp as a scalpel. Thinks and sees in 6D. Knows no boundaries in finding and working
out solutions.

Kauri Siim

An explicit and demanding quality freak. Checks each detail as if his life depends on it.

“Our diverse and complementary team enables cooperation and the quality of the resulting products can be evaluated by our customers. Long and intense discussions and disputes allow us to reach a result satisfying all of us. We are good friends outside of work, which helps to keep our excellent and mutually supportive team spirit. We are united by a passion for design and we want the Fumi brand to represent our vision of unique design in the best way.”

Mirko JõuluCEO