Fumi – to ignite the stories in you…

Have you ever run your hand over wood and felt that it is more than just a material? We have and do every day. We believe that every tree has a story to tell and it is our desire to bring that to you through our products. We use all of our skills to make sure our moulded lights inspire and kindle the stories in you.

Why lights?

We believe that by combining the natural essence and unique pattern of wood with elegant design, we can create products that fit into various interior designs. We wished to unite beauty and functionality, and our passion was formed into lights.

Meet Our Team

We are united by a passion for design and we want the Fumi brand to represent our vision of unique design in the best way.

Mirko Jõulu

A persistent and strenuous person who dreams, is always on the lookout for opportunities and
solutions, and carries out his ideas.

Siim Treumuth

Precise and sharp as a scalpel. Thinks and sees in 6D. Knows no boundaries in finding and working out solutions.

Kauri Siim

An explicit and demanding quality freak. Checks each detail as if his life depends on it.