Why Choose Fumi?

Fumi lights are a combination of the beauty of nature, your preferences, and craftsmanship,
so that the finished details blend into a unique and harmonious whole.

We can give you 11 important reasons to choose FUMI lights

Natural material

Wood is an extremely warm and durable material that goes together well with other materials. Thanks to the unique pattern of wood, every light is one of a kind.

Harmonious whole

The components of the light are designed and made to blend into a single whole. The wooden plug and remote and the matching fabric cord give the light a stylish look.

Functional beauty

The light functions as a reading and mood lighting and decorates the room as an excellent interior element.

User-friendly control system

You can adjust the luminous intensity with a remote or a smartphone.

Quality parts, a quality whole

Fumi lights include components and LED strips (including LED strips that allow you to switch lighting between cold and warm colours) from Osram, a recognised lighting tech manufacturer.


All lights are carefully handcrafted. We take into account the preferences of the light’s recipient regarding the type of wood, the control system, as well as the light source (warm/cold light).

Giving back to nature together

Concerning using wood, we follow the ‘take, but put some back’ principle – for each product we produce, we plant 10 trees.

Free returns

For a carefree purchase, we offer you the chance to return the light free of charge within 60 days.

Lifetime warranty

All Fumi lights carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

A light for life

Durable wood material, reliable parts, careful tailoring, timeless design, and user-friendliness guarantee that a Fumi light brings joy to its owners for decades.

Caring customer support

For us, the lifespan of a light does not end with its delivery to the recipient. Fumi cares about providing reliable and professional support to every user of our lights.